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Independent certification of forest management is a system which warrants forest protection and reconstruction of sound and integral ecosystems worldwide. International forest management certificate is a document which proves that forest management is organized following the principles of sustainable forest development and aimed at sustainable approximation of economic, ecological and social functions.
State-owned forest enterprises of Biržai and Panevėžys were the first two to be granted FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) certificates in 2001. Directorate General of State Forests have taken over the organization and coordination of state forest certification since 2002. Implementing forest policy and organizing state forest maintenance and use of forest resources Directorate General of State Forests has been publicly obliged and therefore has obliged all forest enterprises to observe the principles and criteria of the certification system for state forests set by the International FSC since 2002.
Presently all forest enterprises possess international FSC forest management certificates. Annual auditing of forest certification is carried out every year, certificates are renewed every 5 years. Forest enterprises are the only certified suppliers of round wood in Lithuania (as well as the only clients of those wood processing enterprises that have already introduced production certification requirements).
Main changes in forest management which appeared as an outcome of forest certification:
- strict requirements for the job security of forest workers 
- higher qualification of contractors' staff on subjects related to ecology and technical field
- gathering information about valuable ecological factors and evaluation of it before forest felling
- gathering and accumulation of information about rare animal and plant species, forest ecosystems 
- leaving and protecting of inanimate wood in forest stalls
- selecting and preserving biological variety of trees
- decreasing the usage of chemical substances in forests
- segregation and preservation of 5 per cent of forest areas without any management
- publicizing the planned and presently executed forest management 
- segregation of forests of peculiar value
All forest enterprises will continue to follow all the principles and criteria of international FSC forest management certificates in state forests in the future.

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